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[/ˈkōjənt/] adjective

clear, logical, and convincing

What We Do

Initiate Connections

Think about all the people out there who will benefit from knowing you. Let's make sure you get to meet.

& Branding

How does your brand invite people to care? Let’s build a brand with purpose.

Services for Networkers

Get ready to become the most productive and impactful networker you can be. Let's build community.

& Content

Does your content communicate the meaning behind your message? Let’s get creative.

Nick Gray Profile Photo.jfif

Cogent has helped me connect with old friends, new clients, and tons of potential clients. Their team always responds fast to my LinkedIn questions, and I've recommended them to several of my friends. Their process has also helped over two thousand people discover and join my newsletter. Working with Cogent helped me fully realize LinkedIn's potential to build up and help me engage with my community of friends, founders, and future party hosts!


Who We Are

Cogent is a team of strategic thinkers, writers, artists, and designers.


We lead with integrity, add value, and let outcomes speak for themselves.


We push ourselves to fail fast, early, and often in the pursuit of genuine innovation.


We set ambitious goals, engage authentically, and realize whatever we set our minds to.

The Team

Emily Brown

Content Management

Lindsey Lim

Art Management

Dave Kohan

Business Development

Nate Gannon


Chris Gittings


Kirby Wetherbee


Evan Howe


Sara Graham


Johnny Gittings


Urvi Gupta


Peter Gittings

Dean Capasso

Corrie Cubos

Sam Arguello

Esther Chang


Motion Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

& Illustration

Graphic Design

& Illustration



Video Editing

& Illustration

Video Editing

& Illustration

Video Production

& Social Media

Kaitlyn Davis

Alberto Oliart

Chloe Lapen

Nory De Hostos López

Olivia Ackerman


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